Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We are movig to Maryland!

You heard me right! For someone who has lived in Colorado for almost 19 years now this is a little exciting and a little scary. First, my husband got a good job offer, which is why we are moving. Second, being commuting distance from DC opens up a lot of possibilities for me with a background in politics. Yes, you heard me right again, this stay-at-home mom is going to be looking for full-time employment outside of the home. No, I am not going to take $35,000 a year again at a job I don't like, only to be paying nearly 1/3 (2/3 during the summer) of my income towards daycare but for the right position, salary, and opportunity, I will be back in the corporate world again. Maybe once we get all our debt paid off I can really stay home, no strings attached.

Most of you know me from the online world not here locally so it won't make too much of a difference but since it is big news I had to share.

Our last day in Denver is March 10th, with Max starting his new job March 16th. I know this will be a hectic month for the whole family but I hope this will be a good opportunity for everyone and we can all be happy in Maryland.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. All you cross-country movers with any suggestions, please share.


Ali said...

Congratulations! I've moved several times in my life but it has all been within the same state. And good attitude regarding the job thing. Life is too short to work at a job you don't like!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Is it possible to have both a :) face and a :( representing you at the same time?

Gina said...

Yay! Congrats!! Enjoy the adventure!

April said...

I am very excited for you...and I know Catherine is soooo sad! I hope everything in Maryland works out for your family!!!

Jen said...

Oh how exciting and scary all at the same time! I wish you the best!

Corrine said...

ok such happy news...though i read the lease post befor ethis...i have been in hiding is crazy, anyway congrats on the job!! good luck with the move.

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