I'm a 30 year old soon-to-be mom of 4. The road that took me here is winding one but filled with love. If you click over to my favorite posts you can read more about it there . I'm mainly a stay-at-home mom but always seem to do several things on the side. Right now I work part-time at church doing childcare and substitute teach for the school district. Luckily both jobs are super part-time so it leaves me lots of time to do my most important job, raise my children and manage our household. I'm not kidding when I say those two things together are more than a full-time job.

Before I was a stay-at-home mom I worked in banking, politics, and the legal field, and up until a few years ago I was planning to go to law school. After earning my degree in political science, meeting my handsome husband, going from one child to three (soon to be 4), and working in the legal field for awhile I decided $100,000 in student loans and 80 hour work weeks wasn't for me. I only get to raise my children once and I know I can't do a good job of it working non-stop. I left my job in the legal field to stay home with my kids full-time. Even being home I've always held down some other type of job: in home childcare provider, church nursery director, church childcare provider, nanny, or substitute teacher. The difference is most of these jobs have been part-time and even the full-time ones have been very flexible and worked around my kids' schedule allowing me to be home with them in the afternoons, summers, and breaks.

I am a people person and the relationships I have with others feed my soul. Hubby is my best friend and I truly enjoy spending time with him. I've loved being back in Colorado these past 6 months and reconnecting with my long time friends. Since we are in a new town I'm also trying to connect more with our neighbors, other moms, other women, and members of our church. It already feels like home here but putting down roots is a good thing.

Some things I do for fun are: running (my goal is to run a fall 2012 half-marathon, so far I've run several 5K races and one 10K race), scrapbooking, arts and crafts, cooking, being outdoors, hiking, walking, skiing, camping, traveling, hosting parties, spending time with friends, I'd like to say sewing but that is mainly on my list of things I'd like to learn more, and I'd also like to say photography but also on my list of things I'd like to learn more.

My hubby, Nate is a great husband and father and my best friend. I love him more than I can even describe. The whole course of the rest of my life changed when I met him. I am so happy to be able to share life with him and raise our children together. He is smarter than anyone I know but modest and doesn't think he is (he really is). He is really funny, adventurous, and brings out a side of me a lot of other people can't. We truly balance each other out perfectly, where I am very type A, planner and organized, he is more spontaneous and laid back, where I am more cautious, he is adventurous, where I worry, he's relaxed. He is a great provider and takes good care of us. His job now is very demanding but he is an engineer and makes beer for a living (works for a major brewery) which is pretty much his dream job. I think all the free beer softens the blow of the long hours he works.

My oldest is Brennan. He is 11 years old in the 6th grade. He is handsome and smart. He is a very social person and lots of fun to talk to. He's always seemed years ahead of himself so adults like talking to him (he also likes talking to adults). His favorite school subjects are math and science, though he is an avid reader and does well in all school subjects. Right now he says he wants to be an engineer when he grows up but in the past it has been a scientist or chemist. This year he ran cross-country for his middle school and will do track in the spring. At home he enjoys reading books and playing video games though I force him to play outside a lot so he rides his bike, scooters, and rollerblades too.

My middle daughter is Wynter. She is also 11 years old but in 5th grade. We're a stepfamily so my two girls are from my hubby's first marriage. Wynter is becoming quite the beautiful young lady and is also very smart. She goes to the middle school for math and is excelling at school. She is funny and definitely spunky. I think she'd be a perfect actress but she says she doesn't like being on stage so we'll see. She loves spending time with friends and is outside with the neighborhood girls as much as she can. She also enjoys playing soccer and softball though in Colorado both run in the spring so she choose to play soccer this year. She says she wants to become a chef when she grows up and so far can cook a fair number of dishes for an 11 year old.

My youngest daughter is Phoenix. She just turned 9 years old and is in 3rd grade. She is our little mystery. She is crazy smart but very shy and a bit aloof too. She is more witty and sarcastic than any other 9 year old I've met and understands jokes that go over the other two kids heads. She enjoys being the baby of the family and having her brother and sister do everything for her (that's going to change soon). She is petite and the only one of our family with blue eyes and blond hair. For her size she is really strong. She is also quite athletic, has a great sense of balance, and picks up new physical skills easily. Right now she is taking swim lessons and is already in level 4. This was her first season skiing and after 2 lessons she is amazing. Her teacher said she was the best skate skier he's ever seen and he thought she could be a professional if she kept it up. She was flying down blue (intermediate runs) at the end of the 2nd day and begging her teacher to take her to "the big hill" early in class. For being shy she always makes friends easily and has tons of little girl friends. She hasn't settled on what she wants to be when she grows up. It used to be a dentist but I think now she's not sure.

We are also expecting a baby on May 4, 2012. We are not finding out the gender (or sharing the baby's name) before the baby is born. I know this is killing some of our family members but we are excited for the surprise. We already have a boy and 2 girls so we'd honestly be happy with either gender. We are so excited to meet this baby that will be part me, part hubby, and something our little stepfamily will all have in common.

Updated 2/1/2012