Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Traditions

So I know Christmas Eve may be a little late in the season but I would love to hear what your favorite Christmas traditions are. Don't be shy, comment away.

Here are some of mine:

Baking cookies with the girls.

Of course Jesus' birthday.

And my new favorite, The Nutcracker Ballet. Not because it is our tradition but for my Christmas present this year my husband took me to see the Nutcracker Ballet put on by the Colorado Ballet in downtown Denver and I loved it! I want to go on a date with my husband to see it every year.

The pretty lights downtown

My handsome husband

Merry Christmas! Now that Christmas is here enjoy it. It will all be over too soon.

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Evolving Mommy Catherine said...


Baking cookies with the girls (and Grandma)

Looking through all the ornaments on my parents tree...ah memories!

Getting Christmas cards from family and friends.

and redecorating my Christmas tree 17 times...oh wait I guess that isn't a tradition until I do it more than one year, but for the record I think I have done it enough this year to cover last year and next year too!