Monday, December 15, 2008

Old Mom

The other day I realized I am an "old" mom. No, not old in age (I am only 26), but that I have been a mom for awhile now, approaching 9 years, and it has been a long time since B was a baby. I have worked with kids as long as I can remember and have been around babies and toddlers even as B has gotten older, but I have forgotten some important things!

1) 1 year olds need contained! I mean this in a nice way but shopping at a store without carts, without bringing a stroller with a 14 month old, BAD IDEA!

2) The don't make baby gear like the used to! This is a good thing. When B was a baby there were no such things as LATCH systems for carseats, and 5 point harnesses for strollers and high chairs. Oh yeah and Pack 'N Plays are harder to set up then they look.

3) 1 year olds don't drink as much milk as I think they need but they can sure out eat my almost 6 year old sometimes.

Otherwise it is pretty much the same, play, laugh, sing, dance, read books, eat, sleep, change diapers.

I think I can handle this!

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Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Baby stuff does change fast, I was looking at Annika's stroller when we visited them and it had a clock and a digital thermometer on it...Monkey's didn't.