Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FiFi's Birthday Recap

FiFi celebrated her 6th birthday on Saturday. Birthdays in our house have somehow morphed into multi day events. I don't know how it happened but it does.

FiFi with her cupcake cake

It all started with the school birthday celebration on Friday. Of course being the good mom I am I made her treats to bring to share with her class and volunteered to come into her class to help with the festivities. I was not sure how I was going to manage to get Baby Boy in his stroller and hold the cupcake cake while entering the locked school, signing in, and making it back to FiFi's class. This is why I decided to enlist the help of my very responsible 3rd grader, B. I asked B to meet me up front at 1:25pm so I could first wheel Baby Boy in and then go back for the cupcakes. It was a brilliant plan. FiFi's class loved the cupcakes and I even got to read with a couple kids who needed help and staple books for the teacher. Baby Boy played with the kids and ate snacks in his stroller and was very well behaved. Thank goodness!

FiFi birthday round one

Round two began on her actual birthday, Saturday. We had arranged for a party at the local indoor pool that included swimming, pizza, churros, and of course, cupcake cake round two, prettier, and even more decorated. She had a blast, all the kids had a blast, and I vowed to never have a party there again! It is not that I hate having fun but after an hour or so it is miserable for the parents. It is HOT in there and there is not ventilation so unless you are in the pool you begin to feel like you might pass out. That coupled with the high noise level and hyper birthday kids makes for a cranky mom. I told B he can have a sleepover with a couple friends. I hope that is less stressful. Maybe not though.

FiFi birthday cake round two

Max's grandmother has been in a nursing home since September. Prior to that we did weekly family dinners at her house. Now we do birthday/holiday celebrations in the reserved room at the nursing home. It was good to see her and everyone. At this point Max thinks I am a professional cake/cupcake cake maker and should go into business for myself. I am not so sure.

FiFi birthday cake round three

Overall FiFi had a wonderful birthday and got way too many nice presents. Lucky for mom I don't have to do this again until May!


Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Wow, you are a baker! Should I put in my order for a cupcake heart for my birthday now before the rush? J/K!

Jen said...

those are great cakes! I am glad that she had a good birthday.

April said...

Happy Birthday FIFI!!!