Monday, January 5, 2009

My First Blog Award

I received this lovely "One Lovely Blog Award" from Catherine @ Evolving Mommy

Thanks Catherine! I think your blog is lovely and since you are one of my best friends I think you are lovely too!

I have found some great blogs that I follow. Too many to count but in keeping with Catherine's start I am going to give the award to two of my favorite blogs:

Jen @ Buried With Children writes a great blog. Even with 1 year old triplets and a 4 year old (maybe Hayden is still 3 sorry Jen) she still finds time to write almost everyday and to comment on other blogs (like mine). Her blog is lovely!

Sissy @ My Kids Might Be Martians They Have Not Come In Peace Sissy also writes a great blog. She is hilarious and witty and says all the things about her kids they we all are thinking about our kids but may not say.

The rules are to link back to the person who gave the award to you and pass it on to at least 2 new people.

Congrats to Jen and Sissy! I think your blogs are lovely!


Gina said...

Well, now you got another award!! Check my blog for it. Congrats. :)

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Wow, 2 in one day...your on a roll!

Ali said...

Congratulations--you deserve it!

Jen said...

Congrats to you and thank you for passing it onto me. I am so glad that we have met.