Friday, January 9, 2009

Quick Brag

I know they say it is never good to brag but when it is about your kids it is ok, right?

I am lucky, all three of my kids are above grade level, like school, and school comes easy for them. I haven't gotten an update on my 2nd grader lately but FiFi reads at an almost end of first grade level and seems to do well at math too.

B has been crazy into reading for the last month. Today he came home with a 100% on his math test and 100% on a reading comprehension (CSAP prep type) test. Awesome! Then he shows me his STAR test, a reading level test that they take several times throughout the year to assess their reading level with comprehension. His test today said he reads at a DRA level 9.4 or equivalent to an average 9th grader after the fourth month of school. Crazy! I knew he was smart but I didn't think he was reading at a 9th grade level! The kid is only 8!

Now if I can only keep him interested in school throughout middle school and high school I will be set!


Jen said...

you go on and brag! that is some awesome stuff to brag about!

Rose and Jill said...

I was the same as B. I started reading really early (I was 2!) and by the time I was in first grade I was something crazy like reading comprehension of an 10th or 11th grader! The only thing you have to do is make sure he doesn't get bored with school (I was in an advanced program and would go hang out to read with the 5th graders!)
P.S. You should brag! Be proud!

April said...

Great job B...and MOM!!!

Corrine said...

you should brag, glad he is doing well in school, hard to keep them motivated sometimes, but i am sure he will continue to do well.