Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sometimes a bad day does not always turn out bad

Last night I got less than 7 hours of sleep. I know to some of you sleep-deprived new mommies that sounds like a lot but I function so much better on 9-10 hours of sleep.

I get my butt out of bed and into the shower. While I am drying my hair Baby Boy arrives. I should not be surprised because it is 7:05am and he is scheduled to arrive at 7:00am. I always hope I can squeeze one last thing in before he arrives but it never happens.

Then I begin the process of hustling my kids out the door. The older two eat hot breakfast at school which begins promptly at 7:25am. This means we should leave by 7:15am or 7:20am at the latest. They have been getting to school at 7:30am lately and I really trying to show them the value of being prompt. (BTW I am ALWAYS late but hope my kids can avoid this fate).

Out to the car to squeeze the 4 kids into my Honda Accord. Buckling Baby Boy and then FiFi into her booster is a process and our garage is very tight! Then B is almost in tears because his Harry Potter book is inside, I almost cave and let him make us 2 minutes later when Wyn announces she left her school books inside too. I draw the line, "no books, no time, everyone stop unbuckling, and let's go." Now I have a pouty 8 year old which is always a good start to the day. We try to run a tight ship around here and if you can't be responsible for your own book you can do without for 7 hours until I pick you up.

Somehow I manage to get the older two to school before breakfast is over (and the trash barrels to the street too) and I am looking forward to my less chaotic morning with Baby Boy and FiFi. FiFi asks for a refill of her drink. I tell her to switch to water. So what do I see her doing, pouring a glass of milk. My kids listen so well. So I ask her in a calm but somewhat firm voice what she is doing? She bursts into a crying temper tantrum. Oh Lord, it isn't even 8am, I can tell today is going to be fabulous. I send FiFi to her room until she is done crying because at almost 6 years old I don't tolerate crying as a form of communication. At least Baby Boy didn't throw his breakfast at me :-)

I am happy to say the rest of my day has been somewhat uneventful. FiFi and Baby Boy ate lunch well. We got FiFi off to school on time (rare). Now Baby Boy is down for a nap. I hope the afternoon continues to be calm. We are headed to get B a haircut after school and once Baby Boy gets picked up B and FiFi have their physicals/check ups with their doctor. They shouldn't involve shots and should be relatively uneventful so I am hoping for a good rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

do you ever just put them in the bathtub so you can get something done? the older ones I mean. no? oh, that's just me? oops

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Monkey started the day in such a great mood that we thought today was going to be wonderful...then her attitude kicked in and I am so glad its nap time right now.