Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How many things can one person break in one day?

I am referring to myself not one of the children.

Today was relatively productive and I was feeling quite good about the day until Max got home.

Me: "Honey the handle on the bathroom door upstairs broke earlier can you look at it?

Max: "Sure" as he promptly fixes it.

Me: "The garbage disposal won't work and the kitchen sink won't drain, can you fix it?"

Max: "Nothing is stuck in it, it turns on, unless you want me to take the stupid thing apart call the property manager."

Me: (The beauty of renting. Uh, annoying, I have dishes to do).

Me: "Oh yeah hon, and the computer is broke. It won't re-start, crashed, and now it won't connect to the internet."

Max: "How did one person break so many things in one day?"

Me: "I don't know." (As I ponder how all this really did happen and how none of it really was my fault).


Gina said...

I think we might be related.

April said...

You are living my life.....seriously, I break everything!!!

Jen said...

there is totally something working against you. Not nice at all.

Dennis and Leslie said...

Haha, it's never our fault, is it?

Karen said...

How do days like that happen?? My personal favorite is when one of the kids flushes an entire roll of toilet paper and we have to wait for the man of the house to come home and fix it.