Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Would You Do?

So what would you do?

I have a chronic medical condition and have been going to the same specialist doctor for 8 years now, who I really like. The problem is the last several times I have dealt with his nurse she has been very rude, and very short with me. I don't know if she is like this with everyone or just me but I don't think it is acceptable. I don't think my doctor would be happy if he knew some of his patients were unhappy with his nurse.

So here is my dilemma:
I faxed some paperwork to my doctor last Wednesday (approaching a week ago). I should have done it a week or two before so I take some blame for waiting to the last minute. I am moving next week and it needs to be taken care of ASAP. In my fax I asked to be called when it was completed. I have not received a call so I called today to politely follow up. The receptionist said it was not in my file so she transferred me to the nurse. I politely ask ed the nurse if she received the fax since the receptionist did not see it in my file. She immediately snapped back that she does not put faxes in the file. She said she got it but has not had a chance to look at it and does not know when she will. I am annoyed at this point by her lack of concern for my situation and explain calmly the need for this to be taken care of this week. She refuses to commit to even looking at it this week let alone taking the 5-10 minutes to complete the process even though I explain I am moving out of state next week. I pin her with the doctor's schedule and tell her I will call her Thursday morning to check the status. She is even more rude and I once again explain the urgency, indicating I know the doctor is busy and it may take him a day or two to look at it. This is not any ordinary doctor. He knows me. Several years back when I was very, very sick, I was in his office once if not twice a week over a period of several months. My mom was in his office for something unrelated yesterday and he told her to tell me hi. Come on, doctor office meany aka nurse, just show the doctor the stupid paper and move on with your unhappy life.

I am very upset at this point, of course not only by this but the stress of moving, and when I went to go pick up my paycheck from church it was not there. They have only managed to pay me on time about half the time and since I have to load and unload kids with each trip it is annoying.

I ask to be transferred back to the friendly receptionist to see if there is someone, anyone else I can talk to in this office who gives a crap about what I need or can leave a message for the doctor directly. I explain to her the situation, and how the nurse has been very rude and short with me on numerous occasions and I would like to either work with someone else or leave a message for the doctor directly. She gets all the background and says she will try to take care of it. She says she will see what she can do and if nothing else will leave a message directly for the doctor. I ask that she call me directly to update me on the status since I am sure the nurse won't be calling me.

I don't know if going above the nurse's head was appropriate. She made me so upset last time I almost told the doctor then but decided it was not worth the hassle. I guess I should have said something then since I still have to deal with her.

What would you have done? What do you do if you really like your doctor but their support staff is either rude or unhelpful? It seems like a change of doctor may be in order. Since I am moving across the country I suppose the doctor change is necessary regardless. I just need them to take care of my fax.

Sounds like meanies cannot be avoided! You find them in grocery stores, retail stores, and now doctor's offices. Why can't people just be nice or at least fake it to thier patients/customers?


More Pictures - view the link said...

Hey lady. There has to be an office manager or some sort of HR person in that office. Going above the nurses head is not inappropriate at all. If you need information and she's not getting it to you - complain. They are there for the patients and to assist the doctor. Period. She probably just needs a reality check. And while yes, you'll need to find a new doctor anyway in MD, it doesn't mean that things have to be so stressful here right now. Take a deep breath. And even when are on the phone with the receptionist, let them know what you need. I had to do that recently with my doctors office. I kept calling and getting transferred to different people. Until finally I told the receptionist what was going on. She actually found something out right away and everything was taken care of in a couple hours.

Anyway. Good luck and remember, what doesn't happen here will happen out east. You'll be fine. If you need help with anything, let me know. I have an interview tomorrow at 3 in Aurora and could pop over afterward if you wanted. I can pack all sorts of stuff, tape boxes, label, etc. Just give the word. Don't worry - it will all be fine. And whatever is stressing you out - give it to God. Just lay it at his feet and say - I'm done! Love you!

Gina said...

I just blogged about this a few days ago. I wish I would have said something to my doctor about his receptionist and if she is rude again next time, I think I will. Good luck with this situation as well as with finding a new doctor in your new hometown.

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Um say something I would have talked to the Doc a long time ago. I have been toying with talking to the Manager at our Grocery store to deal with my meany and she's just a clerk not a nurse that is supposed to help care for when I'm sick.

Kick her butt, and lay down the law.

April said...

My husband would really want to know if his nurse was being rude and not taking care of things in timely manner. You should definately talk to someone else at the clinic and explain to them whay your request is urgent...and have a talk with your doc! Good luck with the move!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

I'm struggling with this with the girls Ped... I absolutely adore him but the staff leaves a lot to be desired. It's so bad now that you have to leave a message to have someone call you back to make you an appointment, that to me seems ridiculous. I want to say something but don't want to be that "Mom" I'm just banking on him retiring in a couple of years then switching. Oh and did I mention that I'm a chicken?