Monday, April 20, 2009

Our New City - Baltimore

With the wonderful weather here Saturday we decided to explore our new city - Baltimore.

See the paddle boats in the background? My kids were dying to try them. Too bad 4 people is the max and our family of 5 would have had to get two boats :-( Maybe next time kids!
And now for their close ups...

Pirate boat. They actually shoot the canons at certain times throughout the day.

The view of downtown from near the Science Museum

My kids were very dissappointed that there was not going to be any beaches or swimming but look, the found the beach in Baltimore...OK sand at a park near the harbor, close enough.

The view from the top of Federal Hill. It dates back to colonial times and was used during the civil war.

Monuments atop Federal Hill

I thought the sun and flag in the background made this picture look neat. Too bad I don't know how to use photo editing software.

And now it is raining again. You can't seem to get more than two days of sunshine in a row without having a rainy day. No one told me Baltimore was more like Seattle. I hope it is only a spring thing. It sure doesn't rain like this in Colorado.


Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

It rained like crazy last week and through the weekend. Seriously so much rain and then the wet heavy snow started and it was like living inside of a 7-11 slushy machine.

Baltimore looks like a fun place. It would be kind of cool to live a near a bigger city like that.

McMommy said...

Your kiddos are ADORABLE!! And Baltimore looks like there is a lot to explore! Lucky duck. My city has a beach and that's about it...

I'm a Mom!..? said...

What a cool looking city! We have flown through there but never visited!