Saturday, April 11, 2009


Since I found out I was moving to Maryland mid-February I have been neglecting my blog. I thought once I settled in here I would get back into my groove. Not so far but I am working on it. I don't have anything brilliant to say today but I thought I would give you an update.

My husband is going out of town for 4 days next week for business. I am a very independent and a former single mom so while I will miss our conversation and his help I will be fine. I am more upset that he is taking my laptop (ie. connection with the outside world) and new camera. I don't know how I will make it. I may be a frequent library visitor but we will see. Sure would be nice if his work would give him a laptop and camera since it is required for his work but it isn't happening. More than likely he will buy a new laptop in the near future and I will get stuck with this one but at least it will be mine :-)

I started a part-time temporary nanny job. It is only about 14 hours per week but the pay is OK as far as nanny work goes. It is for a 14 month old little boy who is very sweet. His mom is a night law student and right now only needs help while she studies for her exams in a couple of weeks. She knows I am looking for full-time work but even mentioned the other day now that she knows me if I don't find anything I can watch him this summer while she has a summer position at a law firm in DC. Once again not the big bucks but at least I know I have something on the back burner. This week I brought my kids with me and she is very flexible.

We spent almost all of our spring break with one of the four of us being sick (except Max, he never gets sick). So far we haven't done much but the kids got to play DS and relax which they like. Tonight we are supposed to be going to an Orioles game with Max's Navy friend who got him his new job and his 8 year old son. Should be fun. Right now it is raining so hopefully that will pass. Oh yeah and no one told me Baltimore was more like Seattle. It rains a lot here compared to Colorado. If everyone can stay well we are going to go to the aquarium Monday. The aquarium in Baltimore looks really cool and has a dolphin show. For the price of slightly more than a daily admission for a family of 5 we can get a year membership. Pay up front and get a year of fun. I love memberships!

I also found a huge mall! I know sounds like a silly thing but when you are new to town you have to check a few places out. The closest mall to us is dead and not that nice. Yesterday I went to the mall in Columbia where Max works and it is huge and has one of every store you can imagine. While in the Limited I found an awesome suit which would look great for me to interview in. Only bad part it cost $260 for the outfit. I had to politely pass. Even if I could afford it I cannot justify spending $260 for one outfit. Maybe $100 for a suit but not over $200.

Since when did all the time attitudes start at age 8? Wyn and B both have big attitudes. I have 10 more years of this? Is this really what I signed up for? Wyn is so busy pouting and feeling sorry for herself half the day when she really doesn't feel well we don't believe her. Talk about crying wolf. Maybe this will pass or at least get better.

I am not ready for Easter at all. We are going to try the big Presbyterian church down the road. We aren't Presbyterian's but I most recently worked at a Presbyterian church in Aurora. The service was more traditional than we like and the programming was lacking. I guess there is no real way to know until we try it. Maybe we will blend in with all the other Christmas and Easter Christians.

I guess that is all. Thanks for sticking with me through the transition even though it is taking me longer than I expected.

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Jen said...

that is totally not fair that he is taking your lap top. Hope that you had a good Easter.