Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All You Care to Eat Dessert and Coffee

Have I died and gone to heaven? No, but hubby and I went on a fabulous date last night. We went to this wonderful dessert restaurant in Little Italy. Little Italy is this cute part of Baltimore, adjacent to downtown, full of independently owned delicious restaurants. For our anniversary in May, we ate at Tavola another restaurant in Little Italy and we were not disappointed. I am excited about all the new restaurants for us to try in Baltimore.

Last night our dessert for dinner date was at Vaccaro On Monday nights for $15.50 they will serve you all the coffee and dessert you care to eat. This is not McDonald's sundaes here but fine Italian desserts! Yum!

Max put me on the spot, ready to order when I was not, so I made a split decision for a cafe latte and taramisu. Max had already ordered a cappucino Vaccaro style and a cannoli. Taramisu is good but usually I like cannolis better. I had to try something different since Max already snagged my first choice.

My coffee and dessert were delicious! Max's cannoli was delicious. My taramisu was huge but I had to save room to try something else.

Round 2 consisted of the most amazing pound cake I have every tasted topped with the best vanilla gelato I have ever tasted and whipped cream and strawberries. Have a said yum yet! Max went for rum cake, their "speciality". It was good but I am not a big fan of the flavor of rum and he quickly helped me devour my delicious pound cake.

In the beginning I fully intended to order a second coffee and probably try a cream puff. I was SO stuffed at this point it was ridiculous.

We kept sending the waiter away, telling him we needed a "break". Finally he brought the check and we figured we better get our money's worth and order one more thing. We asked the waiter if there was something little he would suggest. He said he would bring a sampling of his favorite cookies.

This was all we managed to eat of the cookies. The powdered sugar one at top was delicious!

Hubby looking full but happy!

So full I was uncomfortable!

We walked around somewhat aimlessly hoping the over-full feeling would subside. It did not really. We finally wandered into Whole Foods. Hubby had never been and was amazed at the deliciousness found in the Whole Foods prepared foods section. He bought a deli sandwich and I bought some chicken salad I eyed last time I was there. And as a loving gesture hubby bought me an organic tomato plant. I don't have much of a green thumb but hopefully I will have some cherry tomatoes this fall to show for our fun date.

And today I will be starting my diet and exercise plan to work off all these extra calories. BTW did I mention I love sweets!


Brittany Ann said...

I can't believe this place exists, and I haven't been there! All-you-can eat Italian desserts! Delish!

Unknown said...

That sounds like my kind of place! I love desserts!

Jillian said...

Yum, I love sweets too!!

Lesley said...

oh a girl after my own heart....and I think I may have to drive down to go there...hey...it's really not that far...for all you can eat desserts...I'm there.....

Jen said...

what a great date. And I do the same thing. I can't ever order what my hubby orders. It think its wrong for 2 people to have the same thing. ;)

Ali said...

I love tiramisu and get it every chance I get since I can't find the ingredients anywhere!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Wow. I'm practically speechless.