Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Vacation Countdown Has Begun

In just under 3 weeks the three kids and I will be headed to sunny Colorado for a fabulous and fun-filled two week vacation. Our accommodations will include the guest bedroom and finished basement of my sister's house including unlimited access to her pool and access to her Honda Civic to drive. If that doesn't sound like paradise, I don't know what does (OK Maui is way more fabulous but that is for another post).

Hubby is staying back in Maryland working and he is already concerned. He doesn't know how he will survive without me for 2 weeks. Maybe when I come back he will appreciate me more. My concerns about flying with all three children alone have been swept under the rug for his more important concerns but I figure I will survive. They have plenty of booze on planes these days and if all else fails just sneak the booze into the kids drinks (just kidding of course).

Hubby has requested 14 outfits washed, ironed, and laid out in advance. While I do the laundry around the house this is the biggest laugh of them all. I can't iron for the life of me. I blame it on my mom. She never ironed, I never learned how to iron, so even during my professional years the dress clothes thrown in the dryer for an extra tumble was about as much de-wrinkling as I could manage. I do all the laundry now but hubby still irons (or doesn't iron) all his own clothes. As embarrassing as it is for this domestic goddess to say, hubby irons better than me hands down. Even when I interviewed for jobs here in Maryland I had him iron my suit. Due to this I am not concerned. I know he knows how to work the washer and dryer. He somehow managed before he met me. I am therefore taking this off my lists of concerns.

Hubby also is very concerned about what he will eat when I am gone. Since I do ALL the shopping and most of the cooking I find this to be a more valid concern. He may, GASP!, have to enter a store while I am gone. Unless he eats all frozen foods I doubt he can go over 2 weeks without shopping, if so, more power to him. The shopping aside, he can cook some meals even better than me. I know cooking for 1 is no fun but his request of 14 days of meals pre-cooked and frozen is a little out of control. One, I have never cooked in advance and frozen it. I know people have and if you have any suggestions, please comment. There is plenty of fast food and takeout around here. I think he may survive. And if all else fails our neighbors next door said to send him over, she will feed him and send him back. She is due with her first baby around the time we are leaving so I suspect she won't really be up to cooking much. I am willing to help hubby some with this preparation so if you have gone through this before and have any suggestions, please comment.

I also need some guest posters while I am gone. If you are interested please email me comichelle51 at hotmail dot com and we can set it up. I will be gone for two weeks and hope to be online 2-3 times per week but if I could get 2 or 3 guest posters that would tide the blog over so it does not get dull or boring.

That's all for now, I will go back to my new favorite adult beverage Smirnoff Ice Mango, and my plan of skipping the gym tonight. I know, I am so naughty!


Unknown said...

That sounds like a great trip to me. And if hubs runs out of food, he can always eat fast food!

I had the Strawberry Smirnoff Ice on July 4th. Yum!

Gina said...

Just get him a bottle of that dewrinkler spray. He'll be FINE.

Jillian said...

What would the men do without us?