Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Left Part of My Heart in Colorado

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my kids? No, never! B and I are like two peas in a pod and while is he entering that tween back talking, argumentative, have to have the last word phase, he is really is a boy after my own heart. I raised him by myself from 14 months to 7 years and for most of that time it was just me and B. Needless to say, we have a special bond.

Yesterday the girls and I arrived home in Maryland. Max surprised us at the airport to help with bags and give lots of hugs. I am a control freak and gave him a hard time about getting in my way and paying to park but I did appreciate the gesture. As we left the airport the humidity and lush, green trees reminded me I was not in Colorado anymore. Max bought me this beautiful bouquet of pink roses (my favorite) and a sweet card as well as a smaller bouquets and cards for both the girls.

How sweet! Absence does make the heart grow fonder but getting back into our routine I realized how well we got along when we were apart. He had to get used to me bossing him around and I had to get used to him sitting on his butt while I was running around doing stuff in the house. I do have to give him credit, the house looked pretty good and he is pretty helpful as far as husbands go.

The only thing missing was my B! B stayed back in Colorado for 10 more days with his grandma from his dad's side. She generously paid for his tickets and is flying back with him since I am not ready for my 9 year old to fly alone. Did I mention my 9 year old is in another state for 10 days without me! Yikes!

I try not to be one of those overprotective, crazy moms. Max has relaxed my parenting style a lot since we met and helped me to be a little more strict. I have helped him to be a little more concerned and yell less. I really feel we both have meshed our parenting styles well. A lot of our original differences were just man vs. woman and I guess that is why God gives children a mom and a dad.

I have been away from B for a week before. It was my honeymoon. While I missed him, Max and I had such a great time, I didn't miss him too much. This is different. I am at home trying to settle back into my routine but something is missing, a piece of my heart!

I know he will have a great time and get spoiled like crazy. I know he will be safe but I can't help but be a little worried and keep hoping the next 10 days will pass quickly. But not too quickly I suppose since I still have dishes and laundry to catch up from vacation.

B Seven Months old December 2000

B nine years old July 2009

Thanks for listening. More from our vacation to come in the next week including some booty-shaking adventures between me, and two of my BFF's Michelle and Catherine and lots of swimming and summer fun!


Gina said...

B is SO cute!!!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Don't worry I am sure he will be totally spoiled by the time he comes home. ;)

Jen said...

I am sure that he is going to have a great time but its got to be hard to have him be away from you.

Debbie said...

Great photos! Those flowers are gorgeous.
Dropped by from SITS.