Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me! Monday

MckMama is back with Not Me! Monday so I thought I would join her in admitting to some of the ridiculous stuff I did NOT do this week.

1. I did NOT let my kids play outside for hours with minimal supervision. Of course NOT that would be dangerous. When I ceased to hear the giggles and squeals of the 10 or so neighbor kids outside it took me 30 minutes or so to finally confirm my three were inside the neighbors house. NOT me! I am never a laid back parent.

2. Later that day, all 10 neighbor kids ended up in my house and mysteriously no one knew where B was. I figured he was not really lost since he was the oldest of the bunch. I was NOT surprised that he was still upstairs at said neighbors house watching TV even though all the other kids were now at our house. B is completely NOT into TV and would never zone out enough to not even realize he was the only kid left at a house that was not his. No! Never!

3. I did NOT thank the Lord that soccer was cancelled this week. Playing in the soaking wet fields would have been tons of fun.

4. I did NOT sleep in until 10am Saturday morning due to the blessing described above in #3. Hubby was NOT trying so hard to keep the kids quiet that he actually was the one who woke me up. That would be ridiculous! Love you hubby!

5. Even though this is my last week before I start my new job I am NOT very excited to start. I get to play with 10 week old twins 9 hours per day 4 days per week with all school holidays and vacations paid. Can you say best of both worlds? Time with my kids and making money!

6. I am NOT excited to paint our bedroom this week. We have been in this house for 6 months now and there is not a single thing on my bedroom walls due to our desire to paint but not following through.

7. I was NOT surprised when I choose paint colors that the main color I wanted on the walls was only a shade lighter than they already are. Since I am cheap I decided only to re-paint the trim that is currently forest green. I will post before and after pictures on my blog so you can all be amazed at my decorating talent.

8. I have NOT put off correcting my kids summer workbooks until the absolute last moment. That would be silly. They are only summer workbooks AKA a mother of three's torture device. The PTA mom collecting completed workbooks for prizes did NOT tell me she doesn't care if they are correct just done. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

9. I did NOT set a goal of making it to the gym 3 times last week only to make it twice. I am NOT happy that I made it at all. Today I am going to start week two and set another goal of 3 gym trips. Wish me luck.

So what have you NOT been doing this week?



found you from suburb sanity now following

you just made me feel a lot better b/c my son will be playing in our fenced in back yard w/ the dog and the next second he's just GONE and i'm never really sure how long he's been GONE but -thankfully- he's usually found his way to the neighbor's yard and their three kids and then i have a heart attack and yell at him, and then he does it the next day too.

Pam said...

Love your blog. Thanks for stopping by!!!!!
Doula Mama Pam

Gina said...

There have been so many cute Not Me's today. I might have to join in. Love this one.

Jen said...

I hope that you LOVE your new job!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

My oldest is that way with TV, too. We call it getting "sucked in"! He hears nothing else, he sees nothing else when the TV is on!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I did NOT ask my Mommy to come over and watch my little man cuz I was sick. Ah ha

Rebekah said...

It makes me feel better as well knowing that Im not the only mother who sometimes looses track of my kids. LOL I have so many of them (four is a lot to me) that I end up just letting them have free for all and I feel guilty later for not being a little more strict. Sigh!! Oh well!!

Rachel said...

That is too hilarious about your son not knowing he was the only kid left of the bunch at a neighbor's house! At least you must have good neighbors, right?

And you get to play with babies for a living?!?! I am so totally jealous!

Thanks for stopping by our blog - nice to meet you!

Cougar Tales said...

Stopping by from SITS. I like to visit the person who comments before me! :-) Great post.

- Cougar Tales

Clueless_Mama said...

That is very funny! I loved reading all the thing you "didn't" do. heehee

Juliet Grossman said...

I love, love "Not Me Mondays!" Thanks for visiting my blog:-)