Monday, December 14, 2009

Proof Of Hubby's Love For Me

This picture cracked me up so I had to share it with you ladies!

How does this show hubby's love for me? He drew me with a baby in my arms. sweet! Even though we have agreed to have another baby in the future (once our finances are more stable and I can stay home full-time) having more kids is not something he wanted when we met. Glad has realized marriages are about compromise.

Second, looking at his picture you probably think he is some crazy person. Hubby is all about his hobbies. His jeep in the picture, one of his favorite hobbies. He also enjoys his computer, computer games, guitars, brewing his own beer, his tools and building things, and someday in the future restoring old cars. My dad has gotten him into his latest hobby, guns. First, he thinks we need a gun for home safety. I learned to shot a gun at age 8 or 9 and we always had guns in my house growing up. I am not opposed to guns but was not comfortable having guns in the house with children. Previously hubby was not interested in hunting so that argument was off the table too. Now he things he needs a gun and fingerprint safe for home safety and rifles and shotguns to hunt with. Sigh! I am beginning to cave with the appropriate precautions although guns will never be my thing.

Anyone else's husband obsessed with their hobbies? I am beginning to realize it is a guy thing.


Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Photography and tech gadgets are Luke's deal. I just don't understand why he can't have a hobby that doesn't cost a fortune.

I love that picture, too cute!

Ali said...

You need to frame that drawing--so cute! After reading Catherine's comment I'm starting to realize that ALL men's hobbies tend to be expensive!

Helene said...

What a cute picture!!! That was sweet of him to draw it for you, esp with a baby in your arms!

My hubby is really into all techno gadgets...he's been dying for one of those LCD tv's and he found one on sale and called me, all pathetic-like, "Can I buy this?" I was like, "Am I your mother?" But it was sweet of him to check with me first before making such a big purchase.

Brittany Ann said...

My husband is obsessed with his hobby: Building computers. It's out of control!