Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Road Trip - Part 2 Wilmington, North Carolina

The second stop on our road trip was Wilmington, NC to visit friends. Amanda and I used to work together when our boys were babies and we even spent a year as roommates when we were both single moms. Amanda has been living on the east coast for 5 years now and it had been even longer since I last saw her. She welcomed us into her house for a visit. The kids had a great time playing, and Amanda and I had a great time chatting and reminiscing about old times.

We spent a full day at Wrightsville Beach. The weather was nice and hot but the water was nice and the beach wasn't crowded. After 6 hours the moms had enough but my kids would've kept on playing if we let them!

Besides swimming and wave jumping, playing in the sand is one of my kids favorite activities.

Boogie board time!

Surfer girl

Not the way boogie boards are meant to be used but still fun!

Playing at the beach is hard work

All the kiddos

Two pretty princesses

All the kiddos and the mamas

We had a great visit. Hopefully over Christmas break Amanda and her kids can come stay with us and explore DC. Last year they tried but the first of our three blizzards thwarted their attempt. Hoping for a lot less snow this winter!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What a fun time! I love all the beach shots...I want to go! She sounds like a wonderful friend!