Sunday, August 15, 2010


As our plane landed in Colorado last week I was welcomed home with a view of the sun setting behind the mountains. It was a beautiful reminder of some of the things I love about Colorado. It is so interesting to me that while my home is in Maryland, Colorado still feels like home.

We have begun to create a life in Maryland. We have a house, we have friends, the kids have a great school, I love our little town. Life is good, but there still is something about Colorado, it just feels comfortable, familiar, it truly feels like home.

The air is clear and dry, the sky is blue, and you can see for miles and miles. The mountains are never far out of view in the west. The streets are wide and sidewalks and walking paths and biking trails abound. People stop and smile a bit more, they're friendlier, a bit less rushed.

Of course Colorado is filled with people we love, family, and friends. Old neighbors, former classmates, and co-workers, the list goes on and on. This trip is about getting to visit with the people we love, being part of their day-to-day, getting to hug them and hold them tight, chat away the hours, because before we know it will be time to head back to Maryland. We will miss them when we're gone.

I suppose home is where the heart is and I suppose a little part of my heart will always be here in Colorado.


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