Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Human Nature

As I get older I begin to wonder more and more why people are the way they are? I was raised to be kind to others and my mother especially went out of her way to do kind things for others. I am not perfect by any means, I of course can not be nice sometimes too. But I live my life under the assumption that people are good, people are nice, and more often than not people have good intentions.

This of course is not always the case. Humans are very selfish by nature and some people are worse than others. Many people put on a happy face when in front of you but then are not so nice behind your back. They are always looking out for how what they are doing benefits them.

The business world sees the worst of this, with some people willing to sacrifice anything to get to the top. More and more I am realizing blogging is no different. I have meet some great people through blogging. Here in Maryland, we have an active group of bloggers who get together several times a year, many of them I'd consider my friends, and truly enjoy the time I spend with them. Maybe it's different for me because blogging is not my career. I don't write my blog because I want to become rich and famous but I write my blog because I love to write and I love the connections I have made both online and offline through blogging.

Call me naive, but I have to live my life this way, assuming everyone is good until proven otherwise. To live life any other way would just be a miserable, grumpy way to live, and I am happy being me. So what do you choose? Do you give people the benefit of the doubt or have you been burned so much you assume everyone has ulterior motives?

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