Thursday, November 4, 2010

When Witches Go Riding, and Black Cats Are Seen, The Moon Laughs and Whispers, 'tis Near Halloween

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We like to do things like holidays big around our house. An excuse to decorate and throw a party and dress up, count me in! Here are the highlights from our Halloween adventures.

A glamour witch, a soccer star, and a scary boy is what we had in our household this year!

Have you ever seen a prettier witch?

I don't think soccer star is that far from the truth.

B was some sort of grim reaper, scary guy, and ever other 10 year old boy we know had a similar costume.

We of course made jack-o-lanterns. My kids are getting so big! This year they carved their pumpkins almost entirely independently.

We combined animals and trick-or-treating at Zoo Boo at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

And we hosted a rockin' 2nd annual Halloween party. That's my handsome husband, Indiana Jones.

Bobbing for apples is always the highlight of the party for the kids.

Bobbing for apples is no easy task and not surprising but no adults gave it a shot. We adults decided to show our competitive sides during our annual Halloween Cranium match.

Don't believe me that bobbing for apples is really exciting? Watch the video and you'll see!

Hope your Halloween was filled with lots of treats and not too many tricks. Happy Halloween!

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