Friday, December 3, 2010

We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Excellence, Therefore, Is Not An Act But A Habit

-- Aristotle

On November 21st I ran my first ever 10K race! It was a great race and a great day and I had so much fun. I set two personal records that day, longest race distance ran to-date, and fastest race pace to-date. I ran at a faster pace during my 10K than both 5K races I've ran this year. Not sure what came over me but I was determined to finish strong.

Here's our entire team! Fleet Feet Baltimore Next Steps. I am in the top row, on the left, black coat.

Here's our smaller training group, the one and ones. Janet was a fabulous coach and these ladies were great encouragers and fabulous teammates.

I really pushed myself in the middle of the race so at the end I was tired!

Almost to the finish line!

About to cross the finish line, I'm on the left. That's my teammate on the right, passing me at the last second ;-)

One of the coolest parts of this race is that they had a free kids fun run. My kids got to participate in their first race that day too. Mama was proud! They got free T-shirts and medals for finishing the race.

In sports B typically hasn't been the fastest runner but when his younger sister is trying beat him, man can he run fast.

Wyn on the other hand is the fastest runner on her soccer team. B did pass her at one point but she finished before him, 5th place overall and B 6th place overall. Not too bad for their first race!

Little FiFi thought the race was hard! After 1 lap she wanted to give up. Parents were allowed to run with their kids so I grabbed her hand and jogged beside her to the finish. I had just finished my 10K minutes before and was beat but wanted FiFi to know that it isn't important how fast you finish the race, just that you finish, and she did! I am proud of her for not giving up when it got tough.

Next up for me, I start training for a half marathon in February. I am looking forward to these quiet months of winter ahead but I am pumped to start training again in February.


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