Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Best of Friends

The best of friends are there for you in the best times and the worst times. They encourage you when you need it and tell you the honest truth when you need to hear it. It may not always be rainbows and sunshine but these relationships have stood the test of time and are worth fighting for. Conflicts are few and far between and when one hits it is worth step out of your comfort zone to work it out.

A lot of people have passed in and out of my life over the years but I feel so blessed to have a small group of girlfriends who have stayed constant for the past 14 or more years. I know this isn't the case with everyone but it is an amazing feeling that through the chaos and busyness called life, I have not one but several amazing women, who know me well, and love and support me no matter what the situation is.

Last weekend as a surprise for my birthday, one of my best friends, Becca, came out to Baltimore from Colorado to visit. It was so nice to get to spend so much time with her, to chat, to see the sites, to hang out, to shop together, to cook together, all the stuff we don't get to do on a day-to-day basis living 1700 miles apart. It was a wonderful birthday present and I think we both had a great time!

In fact, in the two years we've lived in Baltimore, I've had three of my best girlfriends come out to visit me. Before this Christmas not a single member of our family had been out to visit, only 2 of my girlfriends. I know they're really special.

If you have best friends like this, hold them tight, they are one of lives special blessings and I am thankful each day for my friends and the love and support they provide to me. Love you girls!

Becca and I at the White House (and if we look cold we were)

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