Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Watch Out Goals, I Am Kicking Your Butt!

Accountability: responsibility to someone or for some activity. You're what keeps me accountable on my goals so here's the update:

1) Be debt free except student loans! We did it! With a series of events that only God could have orchestrated we have paid off all our debt except our students loans. Can I say it again? We are debt free except our student loans!!! I thought this day may never come. No more car payments, no more credit cards bills. Our student loan debt is HUGE but that will come in time too.

2) Become homeowners. Progress towards this goal is also going extremely well. We were pre-qualified for more than 1.5 times the maximum we wanted to spend and the pre-approval for our desired maximum mortgage is all set. Now all we have to do is find the right home. Nate thought he might have found "the one" but after touring it with 2 of my friends he wasn't 100% sure so I am headed out there soon to look at homes with him. We hope that whirlwind trip will end with us putting an offer in on a home.

3) Be ready to start trying for a baby. Like I said last time this goal has been delayed a bit and it will likely be spring 2012 before we're ready to start trying but I am okay with that.

4) Run a half marathon. With all the changes going on in our lives right now this goal is on hold but you better believe I fully intend to accomplish it by the end of 2011.

5) Eat healthier, exercise more, lose 10 pounds. Eat healthier, maybe, ... I am definitely eating less and trying to make what I eat be meaningful. I still eat some unhealthy things but I am snacking less and trying to make my food throughout the day mostly healthy. Exercise more, yeah not so much. Lose 10 pounds, I did! I still can't believe with minimal effort that I have lost 10 pounds since the beginning of the year. I can really tell a difference in how my clothes fit and I now weigh less than I did when I met my hubby. Goodbye last stubborn 2 pounds, you won't be missed!

6) Attend Sunday morning worship at church at least twice per month. I am totally kicking this goal's butt too. 3 times in February and 3 times in March. This past week's sermon was really great and I left there full of energy and ready to tackle the week ahead of me.

7) Post new blog content at least 3 times per week. Well, yeah, not so much!

8) Manage my time better. Be more on time. Not sure I am managing my time better, maybe a little bit but I continue to make a conscience effort to be on time to things. While I don't always succeed, I would say I am more on time now than I was before.

9) Save more money. Spend money wisely. We have built up our savings so far this year but not because we've been wise spenders. I need to scale back my discretionary spending in a big way. Living apart has been a big adjustment in many ways, including hubby and I both spending too much money. Good thing it is short-term!

10) Travel to my heart's content. With all the changes, new job for hubby, my job ending, moving, buying a house, etc. the travel plans for 2011 are looking bleak. Does flying to Colorado to house hunt count as traveling? Not exactly what I had in mind when I listed this as a goal.

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