Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

What a busy time this is for our family with all the transition going on, new job for hubby, leaving my job here in Maryland, moving across the country, buying our 1st house. It is all a bit overwhelming but the time is passing quickly!

Last week the kids spent their spring break with my dad and his wife in North Carolina, while I flew back to Colorado to house hunt. Trying to find your "forever" home and make the biggest purchase of your life in 3 days, mostly from across the country is CRAZY! But all is well that ends well and I am happy to say we are under contract on house that really seems to be perfect for our family, more space than we thought we could afford, great neighborhood, close to hubby's work, great schools, really nice house. Hubby and I are both feeling extremely blessed right now!

We had our inspection on the home yesterday and that went smoothly, appraisal should be done by next week, and hopefully it will be relatively smooth sailing until our mid-June closing. The kids will get to finish up their school year here and our new house will be waiting for us when we leave Maryland.

I still need to hire movers but have received quotes from three companies, just waiting for the last company to give me a quote next week. The task of packing up the entire house single-handedly won't be easy but at least we have movers this time, a luxury we could not afford when we moved out here 2 years ago.

Besides all the changes going on my life, the next few months promise to be busy with Wynter's softball, my kickball, and our stepfamily group at church, as well as lots of special occasions, such as Brennan's birthday, Phoenix's dance recital, March for Babies (I'll be posting more on that later this week), our going away party/Memorial Day BBQ, hubby and my anniversary, and that is just the first few weeks of May. Things probably won't settle down at my house until late July but we are really looking forward to all the changes coming our way.

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