Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A 2nd Grader's Dream and a Parent's Worst Nightmare

I was one of the "chosen" ones, one of the parents who got one of the coveted few spots on the 2nd grade field trip to the Star Spangled Banner Flag House and Fort McHenry in Baltimore. I am only kidding about it being my worst nightmare, well kind of.

I really did have a fun time and my daughter was so happy I could come it really didn't matter. Some of those kids don't listen at all and they were screaming non-stop on the bus so loudly that I felt like throwing myself out the window and did I mention they don't listen! Seriously though, most of the kids are good kids but man are they hyper when they go on a field trip. It was also a reminder for me what a hard job the teachers do and that I need to make it a priority to bake them some cookies or something soon since they deal with this craziness on a daily basis.

My experience also made me reconsider my plans for "when I grow up" but likely that is a few years away and I still have time to figure things out. I have been considering going back to school to get my masters degree in teaching and becoming an elementary teacher for a variety of reasons but I've had a little bit of hesitation. We will see though, if I do go back to school it wouldn't be for 4-5 years.

The field trip was a lot of fun and I love history and seeing historical sites so the Star Spangled Banner House and Fort McHenry were right up my alley. We were also blessed with fabulous weather, temperatures in the 70's and all sunshine.

A full size replica of the flag that flew over Fort McHenry during the war of 1812 and that was the inspiration for the Star Spangled Banner.

The kids got to try out some 19th century games

And then were off to Fort McHenry!

This was what a soldiers bunker looked like

And the canons

The top wall of the fort, looking out over the harbor

Fort McHenry

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