Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Despite being SO sick and not getting to spend the day with my hubby on my anniversary, he still managed to surprise me with a cute gift. Luckily this weekend we get to celebrate our anniversary by going to see Chicago the musical and go to dinner on Sunday.

A giant fortune cookie!

Covered in frosting and sprinkles

And what is a giant fortune cookie without a personal message: "You're so cool, you're so hot, you're the girl I love a lot!!! I would marry you all over again Michelle. Thanks for being the best wife ever."

Yes, he's definitely a keeper! The message made me smile. The rhyme at the beginning, that came from our daughter Wynter's 3rd grade secret admirer (said "like" not "love"). Nate joked that a 3rd grade boy had more game than him. No matter how sick I was and despite not being able to be together, any anniversary I have with Nate is a great one. 3 years down, a lifetime to go!

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