Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We Made It!

Days of packing and loading and cleaning, followed by 1700 miles of driving, followed by lots of waiting, then unloading, and unpacking; that was tiring, but we made it!

Colorado is even more wonderful than I remembered it. Our new house is a perfect fit for our family. Our neighborhood is awesome, private lake, playground, tons of kids, very friendly neighbors on both sides. We couldn't have found a better place for our family. And to top it off we are less than 3 miles from hubby's work.

We're still getting settled but thanks to professional movers everything is unpacked. Our stuff only made it here 4 days ago and we've spent those past few days getting organized and finding a spot for everything. Now we have to decorate, hang pictures and artwork, and it will really feel like home. It is all going quicker and smoother than I imagined!

The kids have made several new friends in the neighborhood and our neighbors invited us over for a movie night and BBQ. Lots of our family and friends have been up to see our new place and the rest will be up on the 16th for our housewarming party. I think I've even lined up a new job for myself in the fall as a 3 day per week nanny for infant twins.

To say I am feeling blessed is an understatement! The past few months were challenging but now that we're here in Colorado and all back together as a family it was all worth it.

I'll post more pictures once the house is all put together but here are a few sneak peeks:

The kiddos on our front porch

Our dining room

Our living room

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