Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I love my life! Things are going great for us, hubby has a great job, we own a fabulous house, we love our neighborhood, we're happy to be back in Colorado, but tonight I am feeling a little lonely.

Hubby's job has him working all sorts of crazy hours. While most weeks it is about 45 hours, some weeks it is more like 60 hours. He gets compensated well for overtime but it still contributes to his crazy schedule that we are all still adjusting too. Add to that the fact that I had all three kids 24/7, all by myself for 16 weeks and have spent almost every waking minute with them since we got to Colorado and it is safe to say I am in need of some adult interaction.

I miss my hubby but I know he has to work. I wish we could all sit down to dinner together tonight but right now that's not our reality. To be honest I spent most of the morning with him, we went to a family movie together but still something is missing. Time alone, engaged, not working side-by-side on our laptops or reading side-by-side in bed, engaged with each other and nothing else in this world. We have a date night coming up, more like a date 24 hours this weekend and I am going to soak up every second of alone time I have with him.

I have so many friends here in Colorado but we're all busy. Busy with work, with kids, with husbands, with life, I get it. Still I wish I had some company tonight, a friend, a family member, a neighbor, someone; someone who just wanted to hang out, chat, share life. My dear friends are so dear and will never be replaced but I need to start putting down roots here in my new town, the place we are going to raise our family, the place we belong. Maybe getting involved in church will help or volunteering at the kids school or joining a running club or a taking a sewing class, heaven knows I have a million interest, but then there is time, never enough of it...

Tonight, I'm lonely and that's ok, I'll survive. There's dinner to be made, and kids to get ready and tuck into bed, and laundry to wash, and dishes to do. I'll find something to keep me busy. Soon enough hubby will be home and keep me company and the loneliness will fade. Moving, making friends, adjusting, change, it's all a process. I have to remember it won't all come at once.

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