Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Last Sunday in celebration of my hubby's birthday we went to a Denver Broncos game. Hubby hadn't been to a game since he was a kid and I had never been to an NFL game. Hubby's grandpa has been a long time season ticket holder and has been selling his season tickets to Nate's cousins for several years so getting my hands on some tickets was easy. The Broncos played the Cincinnati Bengals and it was a nail bitter. The Broncos came out strong and then struggled in the 3rd and 4th quarters. The did pull off a 24-22 win.

The experience was so much fun! The seats were amazing! We were 17 rows back from the end zone and could see great. The whole atmosphere was pumped full of energy. Hubby had some much fun he can't wait to go back. He started talking about trying to buy the season tickets next year. I had to remind him that would be $1200 and that maybe we could go to a game or two a year. I guess he just got wrapped up in the fun and excitement. 

The weather was beautiful, low 80's and sunshine. I just had my cheap point and shoot camera but I was able to capture some great shots of our fun.

The newly named Sports Authority Field at Mile High aka Mile High Stadium

View from our seats, AMAZING!

National Anthem

Time for some action

Here we go Broncos, here we go!

Half time was a ceremony honoring Shannon Sharpe's induction into the Football Hall of Fame.

Shannon Sharpe in his glory days with the Broncos

A win for the Broncos!

The South Stands had some impressive pyrotechnics and fireworks





Christina Lee said...

You are speaking my language--love me some football!!!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

HOw can I respond to this when I just saw the pregnancy post below! I am SO HAPPY for you!!!!!!