Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Almost One! Orion's 11 Month Update.

11 months old! In less than 3 weeks he'll turn one. I really can hardly believe it. This baby that I hoped for, longed for, and so patiently waited for, is not only here, he's going to be one year old. He's slowly becoming less of a baby and more of a toddler. We're definitely done having kids and this milestone feels like the end of an era, no more babies in the Brown house. On the positive side, the sleepless nights will someday be a thing of the past. The feeling of someone needing you and only you 24/7 will slowly become less and less. We still have many years of our household full of laughter and smiles and the special joy that only children can bring. Orion's almost one!

 I'll lay still mama but not for long!

 Waving "hi" and showing off my teeth

11 month old Orion is definitely on the move. He can stand for 10-15 seconds independently and does it throughout the day. He took his first independent steps 4/13/2013 and he hasn't looked back. He is regularly taking 2-3 steps all day long and sometimes takes as many as 5 at a time. When he's not taking steps alone he wants to walk all through the house holding on to one finger. With less than three weeks until his birthday I think it's safe to say he'll be walking by his first birthday.

Look at my ball

Yum! Tasty ball

His verbal and communication skills are also starting to take off. He clearly says: mom, dada, no no no, night night, and ball. He is starting to try to copy words you say. He also points and whines at things he wants and shakes his head "no". He is working on learning how to say: FiFi, Wynter, and Brennan. It seems like he is starting to call Brennan, bubba but it isn't consistent. He signs: milk, all done (about half the time), and has signed please and thank you a couple times. I am working on teaching him the signs for: eat, more, bath, sleep, and book.

Just relaxing

I love doing puzzles

Regardless of what he's learned. He sure is cute. This mama is planning a big celebration for his first birthday. Post and pictures to follow in a couple weeks. Until then if you head over to Pinterest you can peek at the Orion's birthday board and get a sneak peek.