Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dyeing Hair With Kool-Aid

Phoenix just celebrated her 13th birthday. She had been telling me she had wanted to dip dye the ends of her hair for awhile now. When the trend of brightly colored hair first popped up I'll tell you I wasn't a huge fan but it has grown on me over time. Phoenix told me several of her friends used Kool-Aid to dye their hair so I researched that method.

Dip dyeing the ends of her hair

There are various methods using Kool-Aid: painting it on, mixing with conditioner, not mixing with conditioner, dipping hair in so ends are just colored. I decided on the dip dyeing method so it would be fun and bright but not as dramatic as an all over color. Phoenix and I decided on red for the color.


I used 3 small packets of cherry Kool-Aid powder (unsweetened). I boiled 2 cups of water and mixed the powder and boiling water in a dish that wouldn't stain. I was worried the bowl I chose wasn't very deep so I put her hair in as far as it would go.

Still waiting

Phoenix has a dirty blonde shade of hair but I still decided to leave the dye on her hair for 10 minutes to make sure it set. The hardest part for her was holding her neck in that uncomfortable position for the full 10 minutes.

Cherry Kool-Aid powder I used

When her hair came out it was sure red! I also realized I went a little overboard and dip dyed more of her hair than I originally intended. I was going for the bottom 4 inches of her hair but really dyed about 3/4 of her hair. Thankfully she loved it and was so excited to have a fun new look. We will see how long it lasts before it starts fading out. If you want an inexpensive but permanent way to dye you or your kids hair a fun, bright color, I'd highly recommend Kool-Aid. No easier way and no smelly chemicals. Hot cherry Kool-Aid smells delicious!

Finished product!


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