Tuesday, April 19, 2016

No Spend Month - April 2016: Week 2

If you missed the first post outlining the rules for our no spend challenge, read it here.

Week 2 Finding Our Groove
Week 2, April 11-April 17 went pretty well. We got used to saying no to Starbucks, and fast food, and dinners out. We are saving money and I hope a month of no discretionary spending becomes a habit for how we spend our money.

Our only cheat this week was a field trip fee for our daughter of $20. We were not notified of the trip in advance and it was due 4/20.

Eating Out
This has gotten easier. I don't even want to take the easy way out and pick something up. I know I need to plan ahead or head home for food. My friend did buy me a $2.00 Americano this week. No other food outside of grocery store food.

This was easier this week too. We took another trip to the library for new books. It was a busy week with MOPS, Bunko, pre-race party, half marathon, and VBS meeting at work. I invited my running friends to our house for a pre-race party rather than going out. I met with a close friend to catch up this week but since she knew we were doing a no spend month she invited me to her house. We invited my son's best buddy over to play instead of going out to lunch together.

Grocery Shopping 
After going over budget last week we managed to stay $10.10 under budget for groceries this week including hosting a pre-race party at our house where we provided hot dogs, buns, and juice for 40 people. 

Clothing and Shoes
No temptations in this area. I even removed myself from most of the online LuLaRoe clothing groups on Facebook so I wouldn't have the temptation while I can't buy anything.

No Household Items 
This week we did good in this area. We did receive word that hubby received the promotion he applied for and we are going to be relocating to Fargo, ND. We met with a Realtor and now have a 3 page list of things to get the house ready which will involve some expense but hopefully not too much.

No Cosmetics or Luxury Toiletries 
No cheats in this area.

No car maintenance 
So far we have not come across any needed car maintenance. My windshield cracked last week but the repair can wait.

Medical Expenses 
We did find out that our insurance did not pay the final balance of Brennan's braces so we now owe $150. I am going to try to wait and pay the balance due May 1st.

Week 2 continues to be a lesson in self control and delayed gratification. As the month goes on it gets easier and easier.

Spent from no spend categories: $20.00 for field trip for daughter.



Newton 3.0 said...

What about the Kitten?

Not trying to be a cynic, but Kitty Litter, spay and neuter, food, collar, litter box, toys etc. That was not part of no spend April.

Good job so far and happy to see you sticking to the plan.

Michelle said...

So far we have had no extra expenses for the kitten outside our allotted $160 weekly grocery budget. The cat was free from Nate's coworker including: spayed, immunized, free bed, toys, litter, cat carrier, and food. Obviously we will have an added expense of feeding her but that should be absorbed into our grocery budget easily at only about $20-$30 per month.

Unknown said...


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