Thursday, October 24, 2019

RV Travel Planning

How do you plan your travels when you can go anywhere you want? Or maybe your travels are limited to job sites but you still need a place to organize your reservations and plans? You need a planner, not any planner but a RV travel planner!

A paper planner may seem unnecessary in our digital world but for a visual, organized, type A person like me, it is essential. Last fall I heard about The Complete RV Travel Planner from Where The Streets Wander on Facebook. In our preparations to launch fulltime in our RV I began following as many fulltime RV travelers as I could find. Once I heard about their product, I knew I needed one and asked my husband to get me the 2019 Complete RV Travel Planner for Christmas. All my type A dreams came true when I received it last Christmas.


One thing about RV travel is that you may not always have cell coverage where your RV travels take you. This makes a paper planner superior to an electronic option for this reason alone. If you are a visual person, this planner helps you layout your reservations, gas stops, activities in each area, and more. I use it for brainstorming as much as finalizing plans.

When you receive your planner in the mail you will receive the tabs to install with instructions. Easy to install and this way the tabs don't get damaged during shipping.

Inside cover

The 2020 edition of The Complete RV Travel Planner has many helpful features. The front inside cover is laminated so you can list local area information and erase when you move onto the the next spot. The first page is where I keep all my important RV information such as membership numbers. Most of our RV memberships have cards but when logging in online it is nice to have all the information in one spot. The first few pages have instructions on how to best use the planner, spots to list information specific to your rig such as weight, height, tank capacity, etc. There is also a power consumption reference chart which can help when boondocking or running your RV on 30amp or 20amp service. There are also various maps such as a time zone map, a state and province map, topographic map. The next pages include a travel bucket list. This is your spot to dream big and list ideas. All throughout my planner I use pencil because as a fulltime RVer plans often change! The next pages are a two page spread of year 2020 and 2021 at a glance. This is very helpful when you are making high level plans, further out. Are we going to go to Alaska or the Pacific Northwest in summer of 2020? Where will this lead us for winter 2021? As someone who can go anywhere having a loose plan for where you are headed for the next season or two helps guide some of your other decisions.

Time zone map

Month view

Now to the meat and bones of the planner. Each month starts our with a 2 page spread of the entire month. The two page spread has lined boxes for easier organization. Last year the monthly overview was a one page layout and I love the additional space the two page spread provides. At the bottom of the two page spread you have a small overview calendar of the month before and the month after. This is very helpful as your plans could span more than one month. There is also an open lined space at the bottom right for notes and a check box, to-do list on the far right. How can you not stay organized with this set up? 

Weekly layout has a spot for each day, a list of things to see, and a list of things to do

The weekly layout has each day of the week with spots to list daily locations or activities. Each week also has a checklist for things to see and things to do. At the end of the month there is a campground reservation log. This is where you can list all the details of each reservation. In the 2019 edition this was included in the daily spot but since most times you are not changing campground each day it makes sense to have the reservation details at the back of the month. If you move more often or want the details on each day there is still space in the daily spot. The last section of each month includes a monthly travel expenses log. So far we haven't been using the log but I am going to start so I have more detailed records of our monthly expenses as they relate to RV travel. 

The end of each month includes a travel expense log

The section towards the end of the planner has other useful features. The RV packing list is filled in by you and could be used as a set up or tear down list for fulltimers or as a simple packing list for part time or seasonal RVers. The next section includes spots for: roadside assistance, RV Insurance, Truck/Toad insurance, camping membership, mail service, bank, and medical insurance, as well as a blank page for your important names, numbers, and addresses. There is a section to write down passwords. The next page is everything important for your pets, breed, microchip, age, medical history, etc. A one page layout of 2021 and 2022 is found next. 

The final section is future travel ideas: 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024. Do you know what you'll be doing in 2024? This is your spot to dream and dream big! The last section includes each state and Canadian province with blank spaces to include things you want to see or do in each area. At the bottom of each state are the national parks for that state. The back cover is also laminated and includes emergency numbers by state.

I love having this planner and keeping all our travel plans organized! Where are you planning to travel in 2020? How do you stay organized?

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* I was provided a copy of the 2020 Complete RV Travel Planner by Where The Streets Wander in order to facilitate this review. This is not a paid review and all opinions are expressly my own.

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