Sunday, March 1, 2009

We signed a lease!

My blog has been very neglected in our quick move. I write this from our hotel room in Maryland. We are in Maryland this weekend house hunting and I am very happy to report that we signed a lease yesterday. It does not have a garage so my husband is very sad :-( but nothing did under $2000 per month so in the interest of being reasonable we chose this house. It was the nicest we saw in our budget and is 4 houses down from the elementary school.
Our new home in Catonsville, Maryland
Please ignore the trash and stuff on the porch the former tenant was moving out that day.

The kitchen

Bonus room/play room on the main level

Living room, view towards the front door.

Master bedroom
So wish us luck. We will be leaving Colorado in 9 days. Once we get settled in Maryland and have internet once again I will be back to daily blogging.


Gina said...

Holy cow, that's gorgeous! I am all about having a garage too, but I really think that house is worth it, even without one. Enjoy it!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I saw the title of your post and yelled holy crap! Luke was all confused...until I told him what I was reading about. It all seems so real now, I'm kinda freaking out now. I can't believe you are leaving in 9 days.

The house looks really adorable, it seems like it has a lot of character. I love older houses and the floors look nice. Call me when you have the chance I know you are busy so I haven't wanted to tie you up on the phone! Love You!

Corrine said...

what a fun house! love the kitchen.

Jen said...

looks really nice. I wish you all the luck in the move!

April said...

Love your new home....that porch will be so cute this summer with some hanging baskets and ferns! Good luck with the move!