Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wedding Blunders

Sara at Domestically Challenged wrote a fun blog post about wedding mishaps and while trying to comment back to her I realized we had our share of wedding mishaps although none of them seem to bother me much on the day of our wedding. She got the idea from a carnival posted on Ace's blog. Check it our for more wedding mishaps.

May 24, 2008. We had an outdoor ceremony planned at a beautiful mountain park above the city of Boulder. If you have ever lived in Colorado you know it has snowed on Memorial Day before so having an outdoor wedding in May with no back up plan was tempting fate but the weather held up beautifully.

Here are some of the funnier moments from the day:

1) I had petals for the aisle for our outdoor ceremony. 1) the florist didn't order enough 2) it was windy as heck before the ceremony and the petals just kept blowing away. Apparently the ushers trying to get the petals to stay was the pre-show entertainment.

2) Speaking of wind, my veil blew off towards the beginning of the ceremony but my sister (maid of honor) put it back on and it stayed the rest of the day.

3) My dress was SO tight when I sat in the car on the way to the ceremony the clasp broke. Good thing it went back into place easily (guess I should've ordered the bigger size).

4) There was an "incident" with our 4 tier cake that was supposed to be all cake plus a sheet cake. I think it may have been damaged in transit cause it did not show up until an hour after the ballroom opened and two tiers were decorated but styrofoam. Funny part is the site manager told us there was an "incident" but no one told us it was part styrofoam. Of course we tried to cut into the styrofoam part which didn't work. Luckily I think only huuby, I, and the photographer really could tell and we tried to stop laughing and moved up a tier. The bakery did refund 90% off the cost without being asked, day of.

5) My florist was super late bringing our flowers and forgot the toss bouquet. Needless to say a toss bouquet was there by the time for the bouquet toss.

6) I had a pretty full A-line dress that was heavy. While doing the electric slide I stepped on the back of my dress and the button holding the bustle popped off. The other buttons were not reinforced so my bridesmaids spent the rest of the evening re-bustling my dress as buttons popped off. I probably lost 4 or 5 buttons from the back of my dress.

7) We closed down the bar and my fabulous guests finished the keg since we already paid for it. I then changed out of my dress (even though Max stayed in his tux), moved to the downstairs bar of the hotel, and the wedding "after party" began. Completely unplanned but it was seriously SO much fun! Everyone drank a ton, ate delivered pizza, laughed a ton, and danced our booties off. All 15 of us :-)
Here are some pictures from the "after party":

The bridesmaids

The groomsman

Need I say more? We had a great wedding and both have amazing memories from that day. Thanks to Sara and Ace for sharing your wedding mishaps too!


Ace said...

Great post, thanks for playing! Sounds like you had a really fun wedding!
Styrofoam, huh? Too funny! Glad they refunded most of the money!

Susan Campbell Cross said...

I just stumbled onto Sara's blog and read her funny wedding mishaps. That led me to you--I think all weddings must have their share of bloopers and practical jokes! My wedding was no exception. I'll have to take a cue from you, and Ace and write a post. But first...duty calls. The natives are restless--all three kids want dinner and since we're on vacation, if I don't do something about that they'll just order hundreds of dollars worth of room service (seriously, my oldest didn't want to go out with us last night, she's 15 so we left her behind and she ordered herself lobster and steak while we were gone). LOL


Brittany Ann said...

I can't believe the stryofoam cake! Something very similar happened to my best friend, but the only problem was they didn't think on their feet and refund any money. Then they had to deal with nasty me, the maid of honor.

And we had an awesome afterparty after my wedding, too. some of my fav memories!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Oh, pizza pants, what fun!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Totally crazy! you had so many funny things! I would have loved to see the wedding petals going flying! or cutting into the styrofoam cake!

Debbie said...

How funny! I also wrote a post last week about my wedding. We must all be thinking alike.

MrsM said...

Wow, it's amazing how calm you were about all of that~many brides would have lost their business over even one of those things! I for one am just glad Hubby and I eloped =)

Meaghan said...

Wonderful post! Now think of all those memories these blunders created...sounds like a perfect day to me and congratulations on being a Mrs!!

Stopping by from SITS to say hi and check out your blog...very nice