Thursday, August 18, 2011

Road Trips, Relaxation, Camping, Vacations, These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

We had an amazing, yet super affordable summer vacation this year. With moving across the country at the end of June we couldn't spend a ton of money on a trip this year so we started brainstorming places we could drive to in a day and camp. Now that we were in Colorado a bunch of places popped into my mind but Yellowstone was at the top of my list because the kids and I had never been. I did my research online and booked 4 nights at the Canyon campground at a mere $20 per night (score!). A few days before our trip our schedule opened up and we realized we could leave a whole day early. We took the extra day to knock out the driving plus spend a night in Grand Teton National Park or Jackson Hole, WY.

We did something I hate doing and hubby loves doing, we headed out towards Grand Teton with no specific destination and no reservations. Hubby lives for these types of adventures, I envision the five of us sleeping in the packed to the brim Honda Accord. I am all for adventure but adventure with a plan is more my speed. We stopped at a Super 8 in Jackson Hole only to find they only had 1 king size room and they were charging $185. $185 for a Super 8, no thank you! On we went to the National Park campground which didn't take reservations, hoping and praying it wasn't full. Low and behold, it wasn't full and it was only $20 per night. We stayed at the Gros Ventre campground which is the least popular in the park because it is on the edge of the park but honestly I'd rather stay there than fight the crowds. It was a great hopping off point for us and we got to spend a day exploring Grand Teton National Park on our way to Yellowstone. Next trip we'll definitely spend more time there!

Just outside Jackson Hole Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park

Amazing scenery

Menor's Ferry, Moose, Wyoming. Where the Oregon trail crossed the Snake River.

The Grand Tetons

Buffalo up close

Hike to String Lake and Jenny Lake

A hiking we will go!

We had such a great time at Grand Teton National Park and this was only the beginning of our adventure. We still had 5 days in Yellowstone ahead and an unplanned day trip to Bozeman, Montana. Yay, for road trips, relaxation, camping, vacations, and fun!


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Moore Minutes said...

Oh what a treat! I absolutely LOVE LOVE Jackson, WY. It's one of my top favorite spots. Your pictures of the mountains are so pretty. Now I'm wanting to go lol. :)