Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thoughts On Growing Up and Letting Go

Looking back on pictures of my kids from just two years ago has me wondering where all the time has gone and how did they get so grown up so quickly. Sure, I love that they are independent and I am proud of the young men and women they are becoming but I'll be honest with you, I am one of those moms!

Which kind of mom, you ask? The kind that doesn't want to see her babies grow up. This whole growing up thing is killing me and I wish they would just stop but I know that will never happen. I know my job as a mom is to prepare them for the big world out there and let go, little by little.

Right now though, I am going to sit back and be a little sad because my babies are not babies anymore. Brennan is in middle school, which is a whole new level of growing up I wasn't even ready for. Wynter is in her last year of elementary and to make matters worse my baby is going to be 9 years old in 4 months. Really, my little heart can't take it all!

The funny part is since my oldest is in middle school and my youngest is in third grade I was proud of myself for being the laid back parent and only taking first day pictures at home. The other moms followed the kids onto the bus paparazzi style but I've been there, I've done that, but my baby is past that. Heck she doesn't even really need me to walk her to the bus stop but I will, because I can, and really what is it hurting? I have to pretend she at least needs me a little bit.

I know all the moms out there fall into one of two categories, the crazy, sappy ones who can't stand to see their babies grow up or the ones who celebrate each new stage and are excited with the child's newly gained independence. So where do you fall? How do you let your older kids achieve the independence they deserve without worrying yourself sick?



Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Um. I think you know where I fall!!!!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I started out my journey as a mom so excited for each new phase and milestone now i freak out every time we near a new one. 4?! I'm not ready for 4. I'm not ready for preschool. I'm not ready for two wheeled bikes and sleepovers. Ugh.