Thursday, March 15, 2012

Over It

I'm one day shy of 33 weeks today and starting Monday it happened, I'm over being pregnant. I don't want that to sound totally negative but all week I've been feeling hugely pregnant, exhausted, and uncomfortable. I think everyone hits this point at sometime in the 3rd trimester but I was a little surprised that it happened so soon for me.

When I was pregnant with Brennan I worked up until I went into labor and until 39 weeks I was on my feet for 9 hours per day. Honestly looking back I'm not quite sure how I made it. I didn't get terribly uncomfortable until 38 weeks. The last two weeks were quite miserable but I know it happens much earlier for most pregnant women so I tried not to complain too much. I was very thankful that I went into labor with Brennan on my due date and he was born the next morning. Due dates aren't expiration dates but after 9 months of anticipation and having your body completely taken over I think the mental aspect of going past your due date can get tough.

Babies are considered full-term from 37-42 weeks so I have between 4-9 weeks left. The planning part of me says if the baby comes in 4 weeks there is no way we'll be ready. We're still working on Brennan's room in the basement. It is coming along, the drywall and texture are done, electrical is all done and the lights are installed and working. Today I am going to buy paint and start priming, and carpet will be installed next Wednesday. If everything goes well the basement room could be done in a week and half. After the room is done we still have to move Brennan into that room, move Phoenix into Brennan's room, and then we can start on painting and putting together the baby's room. So far we have a cherry wood with ivory cushion rocker and no other furniture. The crib we had registered for is suddenly no longer available anywhere. This sent me into a bit of a panic Monday. After looking at all the cribs at Babies R Us I found one I loved in our price range. Babies R Us is in the middle of their 20% off crib sale and when I looked online yesterday it was no longer in stock. It also is a dark cherry finish which is closer to Espresso so I am not sure it will match the rocker. The baby's room is tiny so I am not sure even a small dresser will fit in there so I am unsure what to do about that. Good thing the baby will be in our room at first because they very well make their appearance before their room is completely put together.

So, been there, done that moms, how do I stay sane this next month or two? My iron levels were a bit low at my latest CBC so I'm working on increasing my iron levels which I know won't hurt my energy levels. I'm also going to go back to my early pregnancy (vitamin rich) diet. At my 28 week appointment the midwife mentioned I should slow down my weight gain so I stopped trying to squeeze in everything and did lose a pound the first week but I think it has affected how I feel. I don't want to gain a ton of weight but if it is healthy calories and it makes me feel better I'll take the extra weight. I've tried a lot of different things to get some better rest which I know would help me feel better and maintain a more positive outlook but sleep is still elusive for me. I use my Hypnobabies techniques which help but I still don't sleep well. This last week I've been so exhausted and not felt so uncomfortable by early afternoon that I take about an hour each afternoon to practice my Hypnobabies scripts and take some time in bed to rest and recharge which helps some. The time slot of prenatal water aerobics I was taking was canceled and the only other time is very inconvenient so I can only commit to going once per week. This is kind of a bummer. I wish I could go more because being in the water feels good and being active for an hour straight is always good. The weather has been nice so I need to make going on walks a priority. I get frustrated that after only a 2.5-3 mile walk I'm exhausted even on days when I'm otherwise feeling ok. I guess I need to remind myself that even a mile or two walk is better than nothing, especially if I do it every day or almost everyday. Not sure what else to try.

I can't wait to meet our precious baby. I know they are going to be just perfect and the last piece of the puzzle to complete our family. I am so thankful that God has blessed us with another child and I feel grateful to be able to carry this baby. Both my pregnancies have been fairly easy with no real morning sickness, which I know a lot of women struggle with. Besides the insomnia, 1st trimester high blood pressure, moderate protein levels at 26 weeks (which seemed to have resolved itself), and gaining more weight than I'd like, this pregnancy has been pretty easy as well. The baby has been growing well, always has a nice, strong heartbeat, and looked perfect at our 20 week ultrasound. I know I'm truly blessed and hopefully I can find some ways to make the next month or two more comfortable and try to enjoy my last time being pregnant. Either way I know it is worth it in the end.



Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

I am 30 weeks today and SO over being pregnant... but SO NOT READY to have a 2nd child yet!! Stay put, baby! But also, stop making me feel so awkwardly pregnant!

More Pictures - view the link said...

I have a couple different thoughts.

1. Being that I'm not sure if I'll ever have another baby, I treated mine with Declan like it was my only. The swelling came on hard at 34 weeks and I was miserable physically. I kept thinking, "What can I do to make him want to come out?" I actually asked the midwife, "What do you suggest in these final weeks of discomfort?" And her response was this - remember that as long as the baby is inside you, they are safe. You know exactly where they are. Nothing to harm them, etc. Once that really sunk in, I let go. I let go of trying to control everything and realized - I will NEVER EVER have this time back. I have 40 weeks of 100% pure intimacy with my baby that will never be like it has been. After that, every painful step or ache in my back seemed to take up a lot less space in my head.

2. I commend you for working out like you have been, but at some point - like NOW - you need to cut yourself some slack and give the body a break. Walking even 1 mile a day is amazing. So continue doing what you are comfortable with, but dont push yourself because some Dr or book suggested it.

3. I was so intent to have the baby area ready. You know what? It didn't matter. He slept in a basinette for the first 5 months in our bedroom 2 feet away from our bed. Now, I know folks will disagree and there is a TON of conflict re: that subject. But it worked for us. What doesn't get done by the time Baby Brown arrives, will get done at some point.

4. We still don't have a dresser for Declan. I have his clothes in tupperware bins that I slide in and out from under his crib (that he now uses:-))Before that, I had bought some stackable plastic bins from the container store to hold everything.($32 total) I had 4. One for onesies. One for pants. One for jammies. One for blankets/ burp clothes, etc. Again - this worked in a cramped space.

It's like that country song..."You're going to miss this... you're going to want this back..." Enjoy each moment dear friend. XOXOXOX

elev8 said...
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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I agree, it is hard, and it having those final weeks be 4-9 makes it hard! Think happy thoughts!?!