Sunday, September 23, 2012

Orion 4 months old

Orion turned 4 months old on September 5th. He keeps me busy and I rarely get to sit down at the computer so I haven't posted many pictures of him so far. I did take his 4 month pictures and wanted to share them.

At 4 months Orion loves toys, loves to chew on anything: toys, burp cloths, his fingers, he has figured out cause and effect (if he hits a button on his toy it lights up or sings), he can roll to both sides but doesn't roll a ton and hasn't rolled all the way over, he can sit up for a minute or two if balanced (tripod sitting), he loves standing and being upright, he eats every 2 hours throughout the day, he was sleeping 8-10 hours at night but hasn't been sleeping as well the past two weeks, he doesn't really nap, a lot of days he only naps 3 times for about 30 minutes at a time in my arms, he laughs, he giggles, he smiles a ton, he loves his brother and sisters and when they talk and play with him, he is quite the mama's boy and usually cries if someone else holds him. Mama thinks he is the cutest and sweetest baby she has ever seen but she may be slightly biased.

Happy 4 months Orion!


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