Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Walt Disney World Day 1

We just got back from an eight day trip to Walt Disney World. We had such a great time and made a lot of memories. We stayed on site at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. It is a moderate resort and we loved the amenities and decor of the resort. We chose the third week in September due to the low rates, low crowds, free dining, and hopefully less hot and humid weather (not so much). 

Disney World Bound!

I didn't sleep great and was up early finishing packing. We left for the airport around 8am and grabbed Chick-Fil-A for breakfast because I didn't leave much in our fridge in preparation for our trip. We got to the airport early, headed to long term parking, and caught a shuttle to the terminal. Not sure how but I fit everything I needed in 4 checked bags, 2 large, 1 med, 1 small. The security line at DIA was minimal and we were at our gate with plenty of time. We boarded during family boarding and got 5 seats together near the back. Orion did amazing on the flight. He nursed, fell asleep, woke up, played a little then nursed again. We had a  1 hour 15 minute layover in Nashville where we grabbed some food. He nursed at takeoff on that leg of the flight, stayed awake some, nursed again, then fell asleep. No extended crying or screaming fits and minimal fussing.

Orion during our layover in Nashville

We landed at 7:30pm and made our way to the Magical Express. It was very nice to not have to lug our 4 checked bags. Orion was overtired by this point and screamed for 5 minutes straight before falling asleep on the Magical Express (Disney's free shuttle from the airport). Check in took a few minutes and by that point I had a tired baby and I was a tired mommy. We checked out the quick service restaurant at Port Orleans Riverside. As part of our dining plan we got refillable mugs for unlimited coffee, tea, and soda during our length of stay. We then headed to our room. The location was slightly different than I requested but worked out great. I preferred being close to the main resort facilities and the south bus depot where buses picked up first. We were in a building next to a quiet pool and the parking lot, both of which I thought would be too noisy but we were on the side of the building not facing the pool or the parking lot so it was fine. I requested a 2nd floor because I didn't want to hear people above us but I didn't think about the stroller and should have requested first floor (first rookie mistake).

Orion and I on the Magical Express

The resort was beautiful and I am glad we stayed at a moderate resort. The greenery, main resort areas, playground, pool, etc. were all so nice. I also really liked the look and feel of the buildings at Port Orleans Riverside. The food we had at the quick service restaurant was all really good and convenient to eat at the hotel. We didn't eat at Boatwright's (table service at Port Orleans Riverside) but we should have since we were staying at Port Orleans Riverside.

We made it!

Our luggage was slow to arrive and we were all exhausted. The kids went to bed but after waiting the quoted 3 hours (10:30pm) I called to check the status of our luggage. Bell services said it had just arrived. It made it up to our room around 10:50pm which was fine.

Nate and Orion

Orion was up half the night screaming. I was exhausted so I was not as patient as I normally would be. All 6 of us were in a tiny room so his extended screaming was stressful because he was waking up the big kids too. He normally is a happy baby and a good sleeper so it was out of character for him. Finally at 3am I needed a break so I woke up hubby and asked him to take Orion for a walk outside in his stroller. He likes he stroller and occasionally will fall asleep in it so it was worth a try. Hubby walked laps around the 2nd floor of our building and eventually brought him into the dark room awake in his stroller and he finally fell asleep in his stroller until 8am. 

Baby in Bed!

Next up, Day 2, Epcot...

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LBSax said...

So glad you got to do this! We have stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter and loved it and are headed to Disney in a week and a half for 6 days to stay at Pop Century! I love Disney!