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Walt Disney World Day 2 Epcot

Day 2 Epcot (Day 1 here)

After Orion finally fell asleep at 3am I turned off my alarm. After a night like that I knew we weren't making rope drop. We all woke up at 8am. Hubby asked if we could do Epcot another day and just rest. We had dinner reservations at Akershus and not a lot of flexibility in our schedule so we just tried to get ready as quickly as possible. We were on the bus around 9am and inside Epcot around 9:45am. We headed right for Mission Space and the standby line only had a 5 minute wait. We grabbed a baby swap pass and Wynter, Orion, and I looked in the gift shop while Nate (hubby), Brennan and Phoenix rode Mission Space orange. Once they were back Wynter, Phoenix, and I rode Mission Space green. It was not nearly as intense as I thought it would be and wish I would have tried the orange. Having to do baby swap on the big rides did slow us down some but the big kids got to ride a lot of the rides with height restrictions 2 or 3 times which was great for them.

Orion's first time seeing Duffy

One of the many faces of Orion

After Mission Space we headed to Ellen's Energy Adventure. I needed to feed the baby so a place to sit was necessary and air conditioning was a plus. About halfway into the intro video we almost walked out thinking it was just a movie not a ride but I'm glad we didn't because it was a cute ride.

Spaceship Earth 

Next stop was Soarin' Fast Pass booth. The return time was almost 4 hours later so we went to check out World Showcase. Since our morning was rushed we didn't have breakfast just granola bars and dry snacks in the room. We started in Morocco to have lunch at Tangerine Cafe. This was our favorite quick service meal of the entire trip. The food was amazing!

Tangerine Cafe, Morocco

Orion liked our lunch too!

We checked out Morocco, Japan, France, UK, and Canada areas of world showcase. The kids liked the kidcot stops and getting their Duffy stamped and having their name written in different languages. In France, Brennan and Phoenix used their snack credit for a chocolate mousse at the French bakery. We watched the film in France which was good. In Japan, Brennan bought a Japanese soda which he was excited about. In the UK we saw a street comedy show and a bagpipe band. We also happened upon Tigger and Pooh with no wait in the back of a gift shop in the UK. This was by far my favorite character interaction of the whole trip. All the cast members were wonderful. They took a bunch of pictures and I didn't feel rushed. The baby loved Pooh and Tigger. It was so sweet! This is one thing about Disney that I love, sometimes your favorite memories are simple things or things you didn't plan on doing.

Group shot (Wynter was the photographer for the day)

Brennan, Phoenix, and Wynter in the archways in Morocco

Nate fighting a ninja in Japan


How many kids can you fit in one telephone booth? UK area of world showcase

The most wonderful thing about Tiggers...

Is Tiggers are wonderful things...

All the kids and I with Pooh and Tigger

Bagpipe band in the UK

Brennan is a percussionist in the school band so he bought himself some drumsticks

Wynter's self portrait, Canada area of the world showcase

It was time to do Soarin with our fastpasses. The baby and I found a spot in Sunshine Seasons to enjoy the air conditioning and so I could nurse him. I also used my snack credit to get a strawberry shortcake that was really good. It took a long time for Nate and the big kids to ride Soarin' so I suggested moving on to the Living with the Land. I have rode Soarin several times at Disney's California Adventure and knew it was the same ride here so I was ok to skip it.

In front of The Land.

Yes, I know I'm cute!

Next we had just enough time to do the Agent P's World Showcase Adventure before our reservation at Akerhus. The big kids love Phineas and Ferb so this was a lot of fun for them. The cast members set the mission to Norway since we were headed that way. On the way I stopped in Mexico for a frozen fiesta margarita that was delicious. We grabbed fastpasses for Maelstrom so we could hop on after dinner. 

Phineas and Ferb

My girls are 9 and 11 and not that into the Disney princesses but I made our Advance Dining Reservations at Akershus because I wanted to try Norwegian food. Orion was overtired and fussy at this point and just cried during our entrance picture with Belle. Instead of a family or kids picture we have one picture of the three big kids and one of the three big kids and I. Both pictures turned out really well though so it wasn't a big deal. I forgot the kids autograph books in the hotel room so they didn't get any signatures. The camera batteries died after my first picture and soon after my phone battery died so we didn't get many pictures. Good thing I wasn't paying for this character meal (we had free dining) because I wasn't prepared. The food was good but definitely not my favorite meal of the trip. I got the meatballs which were good but not spectacular. Hubby got the fish and he really liked it.

The only picture I got with the princesses before my camera died

Orion on the royal throne

We had a busy but wonderful first park day. Next up, Day 3, Universal Islands of Adventure and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter...


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