Wednesday, May 8, 2013

12 Months of Orion in Pictures

Throughout Orion's first 12 months I managed to capture a photograph of him wearing his month onesie sticker I bought off Etsy every month on the 5th. Some months I captured great shots. Some months I captured funny shots. Some months I'm just lucky I have a photo of him looking at the camera in his month onesie. These were the photos I displayed on the clothes line at his birthday party (except for his newborn photo which I had an actual copy of his birth announcement). It is truly amazing how much he has changed over the past year.

1 month old, a serious little guy

2 months old, a happy little guy

3 months old, not amused with mom's picture taking

4 months old, getting pretty chubby

5 months old, already great at sitting up

6 months old, at his chubbiest before he started rolling everywhere

7 months old, happy boy

8 months old, look at all those teeth

9 months old, crawling everywhere

10 months old, showing off his new skills

11 months old, a rare moment of calmness

12 months old, what a big boy


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