Monday, August 19, 2013

Birthday Jeeping

Hubby celebrated his 34th birthday Saturday so we went Jeeping. Now that we're a family of 6 we no longer all fit in his Jeep. My mom watched the kids and we headed out early to conquer a trail about an hour from our house. Kelly Flats is a somewhat popular Jeep trail but we got there early enough we didn't see anyone else on the trail. Nate had done the trail before so he knew what to expect, some exciting spots like heart attack hill and the chutes but mostly moderate obstacles and some rough road. It was a lot of fun. I had to work at 4pm that day and was so worried we wouldn't make it back in time but we were home by noon. We're lucky to live so close to the mountains and we able to spend the morning playing outside.

 Hard to believe we live somewhere so beautiful!

 The view was better from the outside for me

 Up and over

 Hazy but beautiful day

Over some rocks

 And some more

 And some more

Fun morning birthday date!


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