Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wedding dress shopping with my sister

The last two days I have been wedding dress shopping with my sister. Weddings are fun business and I was excited when she said she wanted to go look. Yesterday we went to the local bridal shop in our hometown where I got my dress and two of my friends have also got their dresses in the past few years. They are nice, and have designer dresses that are beautiful but not outrageously priced. The first dress she put on was AMAZING! I loved it, my mom loved it, she loved it! I thought she should've bought it yesterday. She wanted to look at David's Bridal just to make sure. So this is the first dress from yesterday.

Not the best picture of my sister but the dress looks amazing! Doesn't hurt anything that she is a size 2!

This is an up close picture of her next favorite dress. They are completely different dresses. The first is lightweight, flowy, more modern, and more simple. The second is more princess-like, beaded, and poofy. The second dress is what I would've pictured my sister in originally but the first one looks so amazing on her. I am convinced she will buy it.

So ladies, what was your own wedding dress shopping experience? Was it the first one you tried on? Once you tried it on did you know it was the one? Was it what you thought you would want looking at pictures or completely different?


Gina said...

The first time I got married and went wedding-dress shopping, I let my mom, MIL, aunt, and friends pick it out. When they cried, I decided that was the one. The second time, I picked out what I wanted and was so comfortable and never regretted it. That being said, I also love your sis' first dress. It is just gorgeous.

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

OMG. Tell her I said go with number one...not that I am her boss or have any real say but seriously its beautiful and I LOVE it.

Ali said...

I pretty much picked the first dress I tried on but then I tried on a lot more so I wouldn't seem impulsive! I like the second one--I tend to like the ornate princess for a day stuff!

jtr4511 said...

I picked out the first dress I tried on - loved it and still do to this day - almost 20 years ago!!

Bethany said...

That first dress is gorgeous on her! That must be fun to try and find "the dress" :)