Friday, December 11, 2009

God Gives You What You Need...

which isn't always what you want or think you need.

This week has been an interesting one for me. If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw my Twitter vent last night about all the sickness going around my household. I've had sick kids, been sick myself, and was hoping to go back to work today.

FiFi came home feeling sick yesterday and the fever started last night. Around 11pm it was around 102 degrees. Hubby was traveling for work and it was supposed to be the kids first day with a new before school babysitter. I prayed FiFi would be well enough for me to go to work in the morning. When I went in around 5am she had 104.3 fever. I guess that is a bold answer if I ever saw one. Kids with 104 degree fevers don't go to school and mommies of said kids stay home from work and take them to the doctor. Done.

I called my boss bright and early so she could make arrangements for her babies, called the new babysitter and told her it was a no go, and went back to bed for a bit. Once I was up and about a sense of peace came over me and I began to realize although everyone being sick this week was certainly not what I wanted (I hate seeing my kids sick, it makes me feel so helpless) it must have been what I needed.

Staying home with B Monday, we did just that, stayed home, rested, talked, and I did some chores around the house.

I mistakenly sent B back to school Tuesday pumped full of Motrin to make it through the day. Tuesday night his fever spiked even higher.

Wednesday hubby stayed home with B and took him to the doctor where he was diagnosed with a sinus infection and double ear infection and given antibiotics.

Wednesday I woke up feeling like death but went to work anyways thinking it would pass. I was light-headed, and weak, and really nauseous. I thought after I ate and got some caffeine in me I would be ok. Wrong, after I ate I began throwing up violently and could barely pull myself off the couch long enough to give the babies a bottle. I threw in the towel about 1 1/2 hours after I started throwing up and called my boss to ask to go home. Luckily her stepfather was there in less than half an hour to pick up the babies.

I am not sure how I made the drive home, I was certain I was going to throw up again but somehow I made it to my bed where I spent the next 20 hours. I could not even keep down sips of water, it was bad. To top it off my head was killing me. I still don't know if it was some nasty virus or a migraine or what. I have definitely had migraines close to that severity but never where I couldn't keep down water and never that lasted that long.

A whole day in bed feeling miserable was, well miserable but it kept me down and in my bed. Lately I haven't been able to manage more than 6 or 7 hours of sleep per night. Apparently I needed to be knocked to my butt to really get the rest I needed.

Thursday hubby left on a business trip. I still had not ate and B could not go back to school so I stayed home another day. B was looking better by the evening and so was I. I took it slow but was able to eat and drink regularly by the end of the day.

FiFi came home Thursday complaining of headache, looking miserable, and then we jump to fever story of hers above. The doctor diagnosed her with a sinus infection and she started antibiotics too.

The past few weeks I really haven't felt like myself. I have feel stressed, and anxious, and grumpy, and I didn't know what my problem was. Now I feel rested, and relaxed, and I am almost even caught up on washing laundry (which never happens), the folding will hopefully come tonight. Even though missing work is stressful, I am at peace with the way things have turned out.

I hope I am out of my grumpy, stressed out rut, and ready to enjoy the holiday season with my kids. When it comes down to it they are most important, no matter what! I love my job. I love the babies I nanny for but my three little babies have to come first. If they are sick and daddy can't be with them then mom has to be. End of story!


Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

I am glad you are able to see the positive in it and get a few things done. I hope you all stay well, especially with the up-coming holidays!

Shelley said...

Hi Michelle! I am a fellow Maryland (Baltimore) mommy blogger...whose name is also Michele (but goes by Shelley)! Just found your blog through SITS :)

So sorry that you and your babies have been sick. We have been going through the same thing lately. Hope you all feel well soon :) Looks like it may be a rough winter in Baltimore.

I am a new follower of your blog :) If you like freebies, coupons, giveaways and sharing recipes, I'd love for you to come visit and follow me!

My blog is

Take care,

CG said...

Aw! What a terrible week! But glad to see you have emerged from it somewhat rested. Kudos on the laundry. I've got some folding to do myself. Stopping by from SITS! Have a great weekend!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon. I think it is so much easier to get sick when we are stressed out, and then it is usually the best thing because we are forced to chill out and take care of ourselves.

Brittany Ann said...

Oh my! You have had a week!

I hope everyone keeps on the mend and you get a break!

Seriously, you deserve Mom of the Year! I will never complain about working sick again! Nothing compared to this!