Sunday, March 21, 2010

Look What I Got!

Angie at Seven Clown Circus set up this bloggy book exchange and I am so glad I decided to participate.

Thanks so much to Marla at Butts and Ashes for the great books she sent me!

My package arrived all bundled up nicely and with notes on each book. What thought and time Marla put into my package.

Top left, There's a (Slight) Chance I Might Be Going To Hell by Laurie Notaro. I have never heard of Laurie Notaro but Marla says she is one of her favorite authors so I am excited to read this.

Top middle, The Most Scenic Drives In America by Readers Digest. I have already looked through this and checked out what scenic drives are in Colorado plus what scenic drives are in my area. I think we may try some in the Maryland/Virginia area this summer.

Top right, Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. This has been on my list of books I want to read for awhile now so I am really excited I now own it.

Bottom left, Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamont. Another book and author I have never heard of but excited to check out.

Bottom middle, The Curious Incident of the Night Dog In the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. This is probably a book I would've never picked up but now that I have it I am interested to see if I like it.

Bottom right, A Long Way Gone, Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah. Another book I have been dying to read. Some people cannot handle these stories of real life suffering but for me it inspires me to do something, to be a better person, to make the changes I can.

Thanks again Marla! The book exchange was even better than I expected.

Have I mentioned how much I love blogging?


Marla said...

My pleasure, Michelle! Enjoy!!!

Unknown said...

That's a great idea and I bet you really will enjoy those books. I'm always looking for new recommendations on what to read and who doesn't like getting a package in the mail.

Unknown said...

Fabulous idea ... I'm gonna have to get inon that- although I read so much on the internet these days IDK if I could actually sit somewhere with a book- sad, I know.

Seven Clown Circus said...

Looks like you got some EXCELLENT selections. I haven't read ANY of them, and I love how Marla put a note on each book. I'll have to do that next time. :)

erica said...

I heard Notaro is hilarious... What a great bunch of books.

I wish I had time to read books!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I checked out Three Cups of Tea in January but ran out of time to finish before I had to take it back. I was bummed there was a hold on it so I couldn't renew it, but I am sure I will check it out again and finish it.

Jessica said...

ooooo I want in!Im always looking for new books to read!

Unknown said...

wow...what a fun thing to do :o)
i need to join!!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I want to do this now! how awesome, and for FREE!!